Client Relationship Management

BCA's philosophy is that the firm will continue to grow and thrive as long as it continues to deliver consumer-centric services that satisfy its clients.

BCA's highly committed staff is driven to not only meet but exceed the financial objectives of its partners. The company's team incentive based environment further drives and compels the staff resulting in a win-win high productivity and moral work atmosphere ensuring compliance with its client's fiduciary responsibilities.

BCA's 70 plus years of success in the collection industry result from the firm taking a somewhat different approach than other outsourcing vendors. BCA's leadership has been proactive in growing the company while at the same time keeping its lean, flexible structure, and a quality of personalized care unmatched by other companies. The management team of BCA works side by side with its clients in determining what best suits each client's needs and what can be done as a team to accommodate those needs. The motto of "Building success one client at a time" has served BCA well as the majority of clients come from word of mouth referrals from other satisfied customers.

BCA has been privileged to serve many of its existing clients for more than ten years as a result of the firm's flexibility, integrity, responsiveness, loyalty, dedication, and hard work.

Client Testimonials

We believe our passion for our customers, industry expertise, and results-driven approach is what sets us apart from our competitors. But after over 70 years of success stories and lasting relationships, we think our customers tell our story best.

OUR CLIENTS are some of our best advocates. Whether you're a new customer, or you're one of the many clients that have partnered with us for over 30 years, you can expect the kind of personalized service that makes you feel like our only client.

Mercy Health System, SEPA

Doug Smith

Former VP, Patient Financial Services

Several years ago, our parent company (Catholic Health East) decided that the Business Offices within CHE should begin using a pre-collect vendor. I have to admit that I was not terribly enthusiastic about the idea, but participated in the vendor selection process.

During that process, BCA clearly stood ahead of the other vendors, and the fact that they were in business since 1944 convinced me that they would be a solid and reliable partner. So, my hopes were high.

My first meeting with Pam Kirchner raised those initial hopes even higher. Pam was efficient, knowledgeable, and helpful as we created our work plan and interfaces. Moreover, she was AVAILABLE to us during the set-up phase - anytime, anywhere. My opinion of BCA was now beginning to soar.

Let me say - with initial expectations (before even going "Live") that were pretty darn high, BCA did not disappoint me or fail to continue to win my confidence and respect. I even (after a few months) took a field trip to Miami to see their operation. BCA is top-notch. Not only have they done an excellent job, but they have provided us with intelligence about our AR. They are extremely flexible, efficient, available, and immediate.

Recently our business has grown at Mercy and we have taken on the billing for two additional hospitals. These hospitals already had a business relationship with another pre-collect vendor. We did try to work with the competitor but found that BCA just plain excelled in comparison and we are now moving our business over to BCA for those two hospitals. Our business relationship should be a "model" of customer service to other providers; these folks are at the top of their game.

Halifax Health Medical Center

Glen Stockhammer

Former Manager-Credit and Collections

BCA separates themselves from many of the other collection agencies by the service they provide, by truly being a business partner. Let the story be told in the numbers you will see in terms of their net recoveries as well as the amazing amount of technology they bring to the table, reporting capabilities, operational efficiency and just the overall level of expertise displayed by their leadership team and the amazing staff they have. I truly recommend you go see their operations and it will speak for itself.

BCA will tailor to your business needs while also providing you with feedback as to how you may be able to do things better with respect to your cash collections, your charity and/or your presumptive charity processes if you so have one. In addition to this, they also customize your statements in the early out environment, create an on-line bill pay process for you and just customize a cash collection CAMPAIGN around your needs whether it's a tax season campaign or a clean-up project.

When it comes to service, you won't find a more accommodating business partner than BCA. I regularly call Pam and her leadership team to pick their brains, get advice on best practices when it comes to collections strategies, propensity to pay scoring and just overall collection processes. Without a doubt I can sincerely say that BCA is not just a collection agency but one of the few, if not only business partners you won't terminate.

Athens Regional Medical Center & Bert Fish Medical Center

Pam Hartley

Former Business Office Director

What sets BCA above all others is their high level of professionalism, knowledge of the healthcare industry, and expertise and knowledge of self-pay collections. When you work with BCA you feel as if you are their only client. They care about the success of your self-pay collections and want to be a part of that success. You experience a high level of involvement from BCA, all the way up to the top positions within their organization. BCA will go above and beyond to solve any issues with you and most often take on the burden of all the work involved to correct the issue.

In working with BCA for 8 years now, I am consistently impressed with the training they provide their staff. The high degree of professionalism and knowledge consistently results in quality results in both dollars collected and few, if any, patient complaints. BCA has consistently outperformed other agencies I have used in the past 8 years and continues that trend today.

BCA has consistently made my job easier and that is invaluable.

Jupiter Medical Center

Corey Redlich


CA understands our philosophy that every client needs to feel they are your only client on your client roster and bring that type of personalized attention to our facility which our staff greatly appreciates.

BCA is considered one of our most valued global partners in the collections area of bad debt. With respect to our multiple service lines, BCA has an understanding of how to achieve the successes we need as an organization.

Our patients also speak of their interactions with BCA as well as our team members and staff. It has been a very positive experience from a customer service point of view with very minimal complaints, if any at all, have been escalated from our customer service department to myself. BCA has always taken a very proactive approach when dealing with any customer concerns or complaints.

BCA's performance continues to beat HFMA's benchmarking standards for our facility and has been a very profitable relationship for all parties involved.

Mount Sinai Medical Center

Linda Lujan

Director, Business Office and Physician Billing

BCA's strengths are many. Experience, flexibility, accountability, and ethical principles. BCA has proven time and again that they are capable of handling any collection project in an efficient, customer oriented, and positive financial fashion.

Boca Raton Regional Hospital

Rudy Braccili Jr., MBA, CRCE

Former Executive Director

I had engaged BCA while at a large, not for profit, multi-hospital system during the 1990's. They were the best back then, which made me wary of considering them at Boca Raton Regional Hospital (BRRH) 20 years later, thinking nothing that good, lasts that long.

Nevertheless we invited BCA to bid the business at BRRH as we entertained eleven potential vendor partners' presentations.

Our vendor selection team of seven revenue cycle professionals wisely selected BCA as one of three finalists as a result of the owner's commitment to excellence, command of the details and empathy toward customers both hospital and patient. After checking references, our team decided that rather than splitting the business between two agencies and choosing a third for secondary placements, we would hire BCA as our sole first placement bad debt agency and choose one of the remaining two for secondary placements. None of the eleven potential vendors came close to matching our unanimous ranking of BCA as number one.

At the conclusion of each implementation call, a collective group of sheepish smirks spread around the meeting room at BRRH, as the BCA team walked us through process questions we had never considered but were glad to address. We knew then we had made the right choice.

We went live without a peep and are repeatedly impressed with the monthly reporting package and detailed feedback we receive about our patients, their payment trends and opportunities for improvement. Not a patient has complained and BCA is out-collecting our previous vendor partner. If you need a reference, take my word for it and chose BCA.

St. Mary's Health Care System, Inc.

Jonathan D. Roberts

Director, Patient Financial Services

We have been extremely happy with our partnership with BCA the last 6 years we have worked with them. BCA has a great reputation, work ethic and mission that equals our own. They offer much more than simple collections. BCA looks for effective ways to enhance opportunities to collect outstanding balances by using data analytics and strategies such as patient payment patterns and propensity to pay. Our patients have responded favorably to their experience of working with BCA as an extension of our business office.

I really appreciate BCA's flexibility in working with us on special requests as well as their insight and recommendations on ways to enhance collection opportunities. I highly recommend BCA based on these factors as well as their professionalism, dedication and superb expertise.

Holy Cross Hospital

Enrica Iannelli, MBA

Director, Patient Financial Services

BCA has demonstrated the qualities of a great business partner and they have provided excellent customer service to our patients. They have embraced our mission and values allowing them to effectively represent Holy Cross and operate as a "true" extension of our business office. BCA consistently meets our expectations and they are always available and flexible to meet our customers' needs. Since BCA came on board in 2010, the volume of patients' complaints has decreased thanks to the courteousness, professionalism and knowledge of the staff, helping to improve our customer service image. Their prompt response to patients' concerns is fundamental in assisting us in meeting our goal to resolve patients' concerns in a timely manner. Five years ago we implemented a new platform to track and trend patient complaints and BCA's role and engagement in this initiative has been important for the success of this database. BCA uses advanced technology that allows the monitoring and auditing of the customer service calls and provide prompt customer service recovery, when needed. BCA's leadership listens to our needs and provides their expertise to ensure changes are successful. I highly recommend BCA for their services for their high quality and the dedication and professionalism of the staff and its leadership.

Halifax Health Medical Center

Tim Harris

Patient Business & Financial Services

Pam - thank you for taking the time to come to see us yesterday and helping to make Patient Accounting week a success!

As you know, I'm new to Halifax Health and new to the medical collection industry. I wanted to take a few minutes yesterday to let you know personally how much you and your team have meant to me during my transition into my new role - although the training and execution haven't been under ideal circumstances, it could have been so much worse had it not been for the great support team at BCA - without exception, everyone there has been so supportive, resourceful and patient with me. Even when I struggle, I always know I can count on the BCA associates for their knowledge and follow-through.

I really appreciate everyone there and just wanted to let you know how much your relationship means to me. Please thank everyone for me!

It was a pleasure meeting you. My best to you and your team.


As a third generation business, we understand the importance of building long term partnerships with our clients. Combining industry leading technology and seventy plus years of experience, we give our customers the peace-of-mind security and infrastructure you would expect from a large company, with the flexibility and personalized service of a local business.


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