BCA prides itself on providing professional development and on-the-job training opportunities to its workforce. Made up of highly trained and educated professionals hand-picked for their comprehensive communication and negotiation skills, BCA's motivated, energized, cooperative, and trustworthy staff is its greatest competitive edge of all.

BCA Financial Services, Inc. offers innovative wellness programs, opportunities for leadership and skills development, and supports community engagement and community service initiatives. Its leadership models community volunteerism by participating locally and nationally in initiatives related to financial literacy, among other things.


BCA has invested in technology to further its objectives of speaking with the right customers and patients about the right accounts. BCA utilizes the FACS software (Flexible Automated Collection System) from Ontario Systems, considered to be one of the most advanced collection systems in the industry. The FACS system allows for flexibility, which affords BCA the ability to customize programs tailored to each provider's specific service requirements and expectations. FACS provides robust features, stability, ease of use and a modular architecture allowing the system to be enhanced as new technology develops. BCA utilizes a number of integrated FACS modules including an electronic billing system, electronic payment system, an electronic import/export tool allowing for the in-house creation of file formats, and a nimble report writing system.


Through the use of analytics, BCA is able to optimize its performance in handling accounts, gain visibility into its operation using dashboards that report on key performance indicators, identify and implement optimal work flow strategies, apply the best recovery strategy based on projected costs, and identify trends on accounts earlier in the revenue cycle.

Compliance/Quality Assurance

OUR CULTURE engenders a spirit of commitment and responsibility at every exchange and puts a special emphasis on providing excellent customer service.

BCA Financial Services is committed to providing top tier customer service and compliance across all of our customer interactions. As such, BCA Financial Services has deployed the industry leading speech/customer journey analytics solution, CallMiner's Eureka. Eureka enables us to analyze 100% of our agent interactions across various measures of service, compliance, performance and efficiency and to provide feedback directly and continuously. This helps ensure agents are performing optimally and compliantly, and improves the efficiency and effectiveness of our agent quality monitoring and service management programs. By removing the reliance on sample-based call monitoring, the result is significantly improved agent performance due to more accurate, comprehensive and objective evaluations.


As a third generation business, we understand the importance of building long term partnerships with our clients. Combining industry leading technology and seventy plus years of experience, we give our customers the peace-of-mind security and infrastructure you would expect from a large company, with the flexibility and personalized service of a local business.


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