BCA Financial Services- The partner you need to thrive in today's healthcare climate

While the healthcare industry continues to evolve, BCA helps you stay ahead of the curve- providing you the business office consulting, collections, and outsourcing solutions you need to excel.

BCA provides a myriad of receivable management services encompassing all phases of accounts receivable management, including extended business office, delinquent accounts, insurance follow-up programs, denials management, revenue cycle consulting, and conversion, backlog and cleanup projects.

While the healthcare industry continues to evolve, BCA's diverse menu of services and customization helps our clients stay ahead of the curve. When it comes to handling our clients' accounts receivable, Everything Matters, and at BCA, we know that our actions are a representation of the clients we serve. That's why we train and develop our hand-picked staff to not only be expert communicators and negotiators, but show the compassion that is essential to maintaining our client's brand integrity.

Extended Business Office Services

Delinquent Account Collection Services

Insurance Follow-up Programs

Denials Management

Revenue Cycle Consulting

Interim Staffing and Management

Conversion Projects

Backlog and Cleanup Projects

BCA's extended business office program is a fully customized solution designed to increase revenue, provide positive customer service in a competitive healthcare environment, lower the cost to collect, and improve the overall patient experience. All communication is done in the name of the provider. The collection methodology utilized is directly related to each provider's internal policies, procedures, and requirements. Since BCA is acting as an extension of the business office in this phase of the revenue cycle, the firm works closely with its clients to customize work efforts based upon their current needs. Consumer-centric, multi-channel receivables communications are utilized to drive consumer responses and increase payments. Collections are optimized through internal and external propensity to pay models, data analytics and performance trending.

BCA's philosophy for collecting on past-due accounts is to assist consumers in clearing their balance in full in a compassionate, compliant and friendly manner. Our staff members are trained to understand and respond to each consumer's unique needs, treating them with the dignity and respect they deserve, providing appropriate options, while balancing the time-sensitivity of the collection.

BCA has a team of dedicated insurance specialists, each of whom is trained in the various types of insurance plans, their billing requirements and the steps needed to secure payment. BCA's insurance follow-up programs include:
  • Billing and Follow-up
  • Denied claim appeals
  • Contract underpayments
  • Secondary billing
  • Utilization review appeals
  • Customized appeal letters

In addition to its core collection activities, BCA works with internal and/or contracted revenue cycle experts to provide A/R assessment, measurement, reporting and project management to healthcare facilities and associated professional groups.

BCA has effectively assisted many healthcare providers in converting from various systems including Meditech, Siemens Invision, Paragon, IDX and McKesson HBOC STAR. Our customized solutions provide the right combination of people, processes, technologies and support in order to accomplish the established goals.


As a third generation business, we understand the importance of building long term partnerships with our clients. Combining industry leading technology and seventy plus years of experience, we give our customers the peace-of-mind security and infrastructure you would expect from a large company, with the flexibility and personalized service of a local business.


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